Dow Elastomers, a business unit of The Dow Chemical Co., recently announced it has achieved record year-to-date sales and EBITDA, marking the third year of continuous top- and bottom-line growth. These strong financial results are reportedly driven, in large part, by the diversification into new market segments and the introduction of disruptive innovation. The momentum Dow Elastomers has experienced in recent years is reportedly due to the company’s continued investment in improving product offerings that enable its customers’ success in existing and emerging markets.

“We will continue setting superior technology and process standards to meet our aggressive financial commitments while growing market share,” said Kim Ann Mink, Ph.D., business president for Dow Elastomers, Electrical and Telecommunications. “This will sustain our leadership position in foundational markets while we cultivate new market opportunities. Dow will support customers now and in the future with targeted solutions through this focused innovation.”

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