This company, a division of Franklin International, recently launched a blog called "Sticky Stuff" to share information with customers and to spark conversation with them. The weekly blog includes insights on domestic and global topics, trends and events from members of the division’s management team, and gluing and coating tips. A monthly question-and-answer session is also included, with interaction with a different department or individual at Franklin.

Several guest bloggers from industry publications, as well as other industry experts, reportedly will post original material on Sticky Stuff. Subscribers to the blog will be notified when these and all other posts are made and will receive regular summaries of activity on the blog.

“Sticky Stuff offers us a way to share information and thoughts in a casual environment,” said Abbe Raabe, the division’s Marketing Communications manager. “At the same time, it’s a social medium, and we want those people who want to comment to do so—to enter the conversation with us and each other.”

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