This company offers a full line of pneumatic benchtop adhesive dispensers for standard dual-barrel cartridge dispensing that reportedly eliminates operator fatigue and increases productivity.

The AC series benchtop adhesive dispensers can convert standard 50-, 200-, and 400-ml dual-barrel cartridges into ergonomic dispensing stations that reportedly eliminate operator fatigue from holding a gun while providing increased accuracy, repeatability, and productivity. Mounted on height-adjustable solid steel frames, the dispensers feature foot-pedal operation and have a positive shut-off valve at the mixer tip that can prevent dripping between applications.

Available in several models, including basic shot control, timer controlled shots with 10% repeatability, and linear encoder controlled models that can provide volumetric dispensing and 2% repeatability, the dispensers are designed to match customer requirements. Capable of fractional gram shots to continuous flow, they are reportedly suitable for potting, bonding, filling, or any application using dual-barrel cartridges.

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