With the polyurethane dispersion Imprafix® 2794 XP, this company has reportedly developed a high-performance crosslinking agent for the coating of temperature-sensitive textile fibers. One example is elastic polyamide fibers, which are used most frequently in swimwear and athletic attire, but also in outerwear, underwear, panty hose, and shoes. The blocking agent in the dispersion can enable formulations with an extremely long pot life, meaning that they can be stored almost indefinitely before they are used.

Coatings based on the Impranil® line of polyurethane dispersions and the new polyisocyanate dispersion reportedly adhere well to textile fabrics. They can improve the fabric’s scratch resistance and make it very resistant to abrasion. Such coatings are also reportedly resistant to dry cleaning and washing.

For additional information, visit www.materialscience.bayer.com.