Ensyn Technologies Inc. and Pinova Holdings Inc. recently announced the signing of a joint development agreement for the production of specialty chemical products. The development agreement intends to combine the strengths of each party to create a portfolio of specialty chemicals produced from various renewable cellulosic feedstocks.

“We welcome Ensyn as a key partner in the development of a portfolio of new chemical products using cellulosic biomass feedstocks,” said David Bookbinder, chairman of Pinova Holdings. “Our mission is to be a global leader in our markets through operating excellence and innovation that delights our customers. Ensyn’s RTP technology provides an additional pathway for us to leverage our 100+ year history of innovation in biomass chemistry. We believe Ensyn and its RTP technology platform, together with Pinova’s capabilities, will allow for the generation of a new portfolio of specialty chemicals from renewable, sustainable raw materials.”

“We are pleased to establish a development agreement with Pinova,” said David Boulard, president of Ensyn Technologies. “Pinova’s significant expertise, manufacturing base and strong presence in specialty chemical markets are a perfect fit for Ensyn as a joint development partner.”

For additional information, visit www.ensyn.com or www.pinovaholdings.com.