This company recently revealed details of a new chemistry, SUPRASEC®2154 prepolymer, at the European Coatings Show, which took place March 19-21 in Nürnberg, Germany. The prepolymer reportedly makes it easier to embed fire retardant properties in hot spray polyurea systems.

Historically, it’s been difficult for formulators to add flame retardant properties to polyurea without compromising overall coating performance. The risk of overloading the polyetheramine (or B side) of the system has always been too great. SUPRASEC 2154 prepolymer is used on the isocyanate (or A side) of polyurea and has built-in flame retardant features. This means formulators can put extra fire protection additives into the amine half of a system more freely, reportedly helping them achieve the desired results without creating an imbalance or impacting on other essential coating properties.

The prepolymer is intended for use in applications where passive fire prevention is required, such as in coating concrete and steel structures in multi-story parking structures.

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