Huntsman Corp. recently announced a combined investment of $135 million at two of its world-scale methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI) manufacturing facilities, increasing capacity at its Geismar, La., site and upgrading its downstream specialties production capability at its Rotterdam, the Netherlands, site.

The Geismar capacity will reportedly be increased by 50 ktes to 500 ktes WHAT DOES KTES STAND FOR? using improved process technology developed by Huntsman. The expansion is expected to enable Huntsman to support the growth of its key customers and leverages the significant advantages of the Geismar site, with its access to U.S. shale gas, strong logistics base and excellent integration. The new capacity is expected to come onstream in 2014 and will further consolidate Huntsman’s position as a leading MDI producer in the Americas region.

At its Rotterdam facility, Huntsman is commissioning a new state-of-the-art MDI splitter and downstream specialties manufacturing unit that can enable Huntsman to serve customers with a full range of next-generation, differentiated polyurethane products for automotive, adhesives, coatings, and other applications. The unit is designed to handle globally sourced MDI precursor and will be operational by the end of March.

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