Two new fast-cycling, high-speed liquid adhesive pneumatic guns are now available. Designed to improve production efficiency and product quality with bead or slot pattern application, the LA 725 and LA 725-S applicators reportedly provide clean operation and a robust design for continuous or intermittent operation in a variety of paper and paperboard applications.

The patented LA 725 applicators use advanced seal technology that is resistant to most chemicals in water-based adhesives, reportedly allowing them to last longer and require less maintenance. Frictionless operation can further extend service life. Quick-change components can minimize downtime and facilitate fast production changeovers. 

The LA 725 series applicators use new high-speed solenoid technology to improve speed and achieve faster cycle times, which can be beneficial to stitching and dotting patterns. These solenoids reportedly deliver consistent adhesive dispensing over the life of the valve.

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