AkzoNobel recently announced plans to concentrate its Dutch-based management personnel in a new office building in the Zuidas business district of Amsterdam by the end of 2015. The move is expected to bring the majority of corporate and business management and their supporting staff in the Netherlands together at a single location, promoting cross-company collaboration. Currently, head office and Dutch-based business unit management and their supporting staff are spread across four office locations. The new building will reportedly enable a rationalization of AkzoNobel’s office footprint, leading to clear cost savings. Following the relocation, the company will no longer have offices in Amersfoort and Hoofddorp.

Construction of the new AkzoNobel Center has begun and is expected to take two and a half years to complete. Approximately 700 employees will work from the new center, which will be designed according to the latest sustainability norms and office layout principles.

For additional information, visit www.akzonobel.com.