DuPont recently announced it applauds the bipartisan Chemical Safety Improvement Act introduced by Senators Frank R. Lautenberg and David Vitter and numerous Republican and Democrat cosponsors.  

“DuPont strongly supports TSCA modernization, and we believe that successful reform requires this sort of bipartisan approach,” said Linda J. Fisher, vice president and chief Sustainability officer. “In putting forth a broadly bipartisan bill, Senators Lautenberg and Vitter demonstrate how Congress should work to address significant policy.

“We have spent several years actively discussing TSCA reform with members of the U.S. Congress, the NGO community and business, and this bill reflects many of the thoughtful ideas we have heard in those discussions. The Chemical Safety Improvement Act provides a sound basis for legislation that can pass the U.S. Senate and bring needed change to the U.S. chemicals management regime.”

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