Celanese Corp. recently announced its intent to launch a sale process of its acetic anhydride facility in Roussillon, France, and its vinyl acetate monomer (VAM) production unit in Tarragona, Spain. The company is reportedly seeking buyers that can integrate these facilities into their own manufacturing organizations. The Paris-based affiliate of JH Lillian & Co. Inc., will lead the sale process for both the Roussillon site and the Tarragona VAM unit. JH Lillian & Co. Inc. is an advisor specialized in the chemicals industry and with whom Celanese has successfully worked in the past.

The Roussillon site produces acetic anhydride with an annual capacity of 34 kt and has an employment base of 30 full-time workers. The Tarragona VAM unit produces vinyl acetate monomer with an annual capacity of 200 kt and employs 70 full-time workers.

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