Four new high-power, air-cooled UV LED area curing solutions are now available to help address the challenges for small and wide area curing applications. OmniCure®AC450, AC475, AC7150 and AC7300 UV LED systems are available in both 365 and 395 nm with over 8 W/cm2peak irradiance. Designed with a combination of high output LEDs and customized optics, the systems offer optical efficiency when compared to other LED systems available on the market.

“The OmniCure AC series are specifically engineered with our customers’ needs in mind,” said Mike Kay, director of Product Management at Lumen Dynamics. “Our systems utilize custom optics to provide high irradiance more efficiently, reducing power consumption and acoustic noise, while our patented process for individually addressing the output of each UV LED module ensures excellent uniformity across the full cure area, essential for achieving even, consistent curing of adhesives, coatings and inks.”

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