This company has launched a new industrial lineup of five “go to” masking tapes entitled “Masking Made Simple,” with products ranging from 101+ to 501+, engineered to perform in the majority of industrial masking applications. The new system includes 3M™ value masking tape 101+, a basic tape for basic jobs. 

Reportedly designed for jobs like sticking a piece of paper to the wall, organizing and labeling drawers, or bundling electrical cords, the 101+ tape has a wide range of uses. The tape reportedly has a strong rubber-based adhesive and conformable backing.  

The Masking Made Simple line of industrial masking tapes is designed to help customers choose the right level of performance. The line also includes 3M™ General Use Masking Tape 201+, Performance Yellow Masking Tape 301+, High Performance Green Masking Tape 401+ and Specialty High Temperature Masking Tape 501+.

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