The American Composites Manufacturing Association (ACMA) recently responded to the Department of Energy’s (DOE) request for information on land-based and offshore wind turbines. Wind energy is reportedly one of the most promising new markets for composite products, including wind turbine blades, spinners and nacelles. The ACMA is working in the field and on Capitol Hill to ensure that the composites industry secures its market share.

The ACMA used this opportunity to educate the DOE about the advantages of composites and how they should be incorporated in any programs involving wind energy. In its response, ACMA recommended that the DOE support using federal resources to fund development technologies for the reliable molding of very large parts and development of workable inspection methods. This would create new jobs and likely have application in other areas, including automotive lightweighting.

“Advocacy is a powerful tool for market growth,” said Jay Merrell, chair. “ACMA works for the composites industry on Capitol Hill and through federal agencies like the Department of Energy to create greater awareness of the many advantages offered by composites, break down barriers to its widespread use, and protect the industry against unjust or improper regulation and legislation.”

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