A new range of polyether ketone ketone (PEKK) ultra-high-performance polymers is available. The line is comprised of three families of products whose properties reportedly meet the requirements of aerospace, oil exploration and electronics applications.

PEKK is a polymer for the extremes; in terms of mechanical resistance, it compares favorably with metals like aluminum. The Kepstan® range, developed by researchers at CERDATO, Arkema’s technical polymers research center, complements the group’s other advanced materials.

The new products’ copolymer structure can reportedly be adapted to the requirements of the end-application. The Kepstan range comprises three families of products: Kepstan 6000, which offers a low melting point and amorphous grades suited to extrusion and thermoforming; Kepstan 7000, which includes optimized grades for the manufacture of thermoplastic carbon fiber composites; and Kepstan 8000, a line of grades featuring top thermo-mechanical and chemical resistance properties.

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