A white paper is available that can help readers determine the best dispense valve system for specific medical device applications. Common problems encountered with fluid dispensing in the medical device industry are discussed in the paper. In addition, tips for improving dispense valve performance are offered. “10 Essential Questions for Reevaluating Your Medical Device Assembly Process” is available on the company’s website in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese and Japanese. 

“Selecting the correct dispense valve for the specific application and fluid used can save money, increase production, reduce bottlenecks, and improve overall product quality,” said Claude Bergeron, Product Line manager. “Medical device manufacturers must meet stringent FDA regulations for quality and product consistency, which makes rigorous process control essential. Fluids for medical device manufacturing can be extremely expensive. It is vital to have quality assembly equipment that generates consistent and accurate results, without fluid contamination, to avoid costly waste.”

For additional information, visit www.nordsonefd.com/pr/medical-whitepaper/default.htm.