Dual-shaft mixers from this company can reportedly deliver a balance of bulk flow agitation and high-speed dispersion required in the processing of viscous pastes, gels, ROSS Dual-Shaft Mixerssuspensions, slurries, and emulsions. These machines feature two independently driven agitators that run at different speeds, imparting varying levels of shear and ensuring adequate turnover over a wide viscosity range. Production models are offered in many standard sizes up to 4,000 gal capacity.

Pictured is a dual-shaft mixer model CDA-500 with a maximum working capacity of 500 gal. An air/oil hydraulic lift raises/lowers the agitators from/into the mix can. NEMA 12 safety limit switches reportedly prevent operation of the drives when the mix vessel or agitators are not in the proper position. All product-contact parts are stainless steel 304 with mill finish and welds ground smooth. The heavy-duty two-wing anchor agitator and dual-blade high-speed disperser are driven by 10HP and 100HP inverter-duty motors, respectively. Hinged Teflon scrapers are attached to the anchor for wiping of the vessel sidewall and dished bottom. A tungsten carbide coating on the saw-tooth disperser blades can allow the mixer to be used with abrasive materials.

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