Welcome to our annual Raw Materials, Chemicals, Polymers and Additives Handbook. As in previous years, this year’s handbook has been updated with many new products and definitions. The listings are divided into five major categories: Additives and Chemical Specialties; Oils and Fatty Acids; Resins and Base Polymers; Pigments and Dyes, Dry/Dispersions and Extenders; and Solvents.

The directory is set up with a definition for each material, followed by the names of suppliers that provide the material.* Products are listed alphabetically under each category and subcategory, and an index is included. Use this handy guide to find suppliers throughout the year, and be sure to keep in mind that the fully searchable handbook is available online here.

While our staff made every effort to contact the entire community of materials suppliers to our industry, we may have inadvertently missed some. If you are a materials supplier and would like to be included, please contact Stacey Hurley at (248) 786-1662 or hurleys@bnpmedia.com for pricing and additional details.

The success of the adhesives and sealants industry depends largely on the raw materials/chemicals used to create them. I recently contacted industry leaders and the ASI online and social media community with several questions focused on the raw materials/chemicals sector. Their responses can be found in “Materials Roundtable: Let’s Talk Materials” in this issue.

I’m also excited to share the news that Mark Collatz, director of Regulatory Affairs for the Adhesive and Sealant Council (ASC), will pen a regular Regulatory Review column for ASI, beginning in this issue. He discusses how the “South Coast Overhaul of Rule 1168 Will Alter VOC Limits.”

Your input is always welcome. If you have suggestions regarding how we can improve the Raw Materials, Chemicals, Polymers and Additives Handbook, please contact me at (330) 336-4098 or suttons@bnpmedia.com.

 *Supplier listings indicate paid advertising. Contact Stacey Hurley at (248) 786-1662 or hurleys@bnpmedia.com for pricing and additional details.