The Adhesive and Sealant Council (ASC) has designed a two-page educational document to help members outline the changes to the new Global Harmonization System (GHS) labeling system being adopted in the U.S.

“Being chemical formulators, our members and their employees have been immersed in the changing regulations for more than two years,” said Mark Collatz, the ASC’s director of Regulatory Affairs. “The challenge now is to help the downstream customers understand why some of the new chemical warning labels will look different and that MSDS-type information will be expanded through the new Safety Data Sheets (SDS).”

While the new Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) rules became operational in 2012, chemical manufacturers and formulators must comply with all new product labeling requirements and revised SDS information by June 2015. All workplace labeling and employee training for industries utilizing chemical formulated products must be done by June 2016.

ASC members can review the guidance document, and are encouraged to forward it to customers with their own customized letter of explanation.

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