This company has introduced two new high-performance styrenic block copolymers (HSBCs). Kraton™ MD6951 and MD1648 reportedly present a balance of high elasticity, tensile strength and lower melt viscosity, which can allow for a host of new process applications.

MD6951 is the newest HSBC in the Kraton A family, and reportedly has an enhanced flow capability never before seen on the market. Potential applications include soft-touch over molding, which can produce such products as cell phone protectors and power tool grips, protective cling films, and sound dampening materials.

MD1648 is an enhanced rubber segment (ERS) styrenic block copolymer. ERS polymers are compatible with polyolefins such as polypropylene and polyethylene-plastics used in such materials as elastic nonwovens for applications such as surgical and protective apparel, diapers, and industrial textiles.

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