Brookfield Engineering recently announced it is celebrating 80 years of innovation and customer service this year. The company began in 1933 when Donald Brookfield, Sr. reportedly envisioned a new, unconventional approach to measuring viscosity. His experimentation with motors and springs in the basement of his family’s home resulted in the creation of a single-speed instrument for viscosity measurement and control. 

Founding the business in 1934, Don Brookfield reportedly made it his priority to offer “the highest quality instruments at the lowest possible price.” Over the years, he demonstrated this commitment to service by offering his loyal customers his newest innovations at little to no cost. Through the middle years, Brookfield Engineering addressed issues of temperature control, small sample volumes and very low viscosities, continually adapting to the changing needs of industry.

As technology marched forward, Brookfield began producing a range of digital and programmable viscometers and rheometers that operated in stand-alone or PC-controlled modes. A complete range of in-line process viscometers that could enable manufacturers to measure viscosity continuously during production was also developed.

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