A novel dispersible polymer powder for modifying cementitious and gypsum-based dry-mix mortars is now available. VINNAPAS® 8620 E is based on a terpolymer of vinyl WACKER Polymer Powder for Mortarschloride, vinyl acetate and ethylene, and can be used for the formulation of high-quality, low-emission tile adhesives. In the end product, the new dispersible polymer powder reportedly ensures a long open time and enhanced flexibility, as well as excellent tensile adhesion strength, even after water or freeze/thaw conditions.

The material is a dispersible polymer powder based on a novel vinyl chloride-vinyl acetate-ethylene-terpolymer for modifying modern cementitious and gypsum-based dry-mix mortars, particularly for tile adhesives. It can reportedly ensure that tile adhesives adhere well to a range of different surfaces, including difficult ones such as fired tile with high densities and natural stone products.

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