This company’s vacuum-rated high-speed dispersers are a line of tank-mounted and raisable mixers featuring a laser-cut saw-tooth blade that runs to approximately 5,000ROSS High-Speed Dispersers ft/min. Also sometimes called a high-speed dissolver, this workhorse is primarily used to incorporate dry powders into liquid and disperse loosely bound agglomerates. It reportedly imparts high levels of shear while producing vigorous flow and rapid turnover of low- to medium-viscosity dispersions as high as 50,000 centipoise. In most applications, the extent of deagglomeration is further optimized under vacuum conditions that reveal tighter and more uniform particle size distributions in shorter cycle times.

Pictured is a 600-gal mix vessel designed for full vacuum and equipped with a 20-in. diameter disperser blade that is raised/lowered by means of an air/oil hydraulic lift. The agitator shaft is coupled to the dish-shaped vessel cover via a single mechanical seal and Viton O-rings. All wetted surfaces are stainless steel 316 polished to 150-grit finish. Sight/charge ports, a vacuum port, and Type J thermoprobe are installed on the cover. The mix vessel is built with a 50-psig stainless steel jacket for heating/cooling, a dished bottom, flush discharge ball valve, large handles and heavy-duty casters.

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