The new model HSM-100LH-3 vacuum high-speed disperser is designed for laboratory and pilot-scale mixing of batches up to 5 gal. It can be supplied with a ROSS: Vacuum High-Speed Disperservacuum-rated mix vessel, including a heating/cooling jacket and mixer cover with sight/charge ports. Interchangeable saw-tooth disperser blades are available (2-, 3-, 3.5- and 4-in. diameter), reportedly suitable for variable-speed operation up to 4,800 rpm. All wetted parts are stainless steel type 316.

High-speed dispersers can be useful for wetting out solids and creating a uniform, air-free suspension or solution under vacuum. The classic open-style saw-tooth disc blade generates a vortex on the liquid surface into which powders and other minor components are added for quick incorporation. Rapid turnover and vigorous flow patterns are reportedly achieved throughout a range of viscosity: from water-like to around 50,000 centipoise.

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