Polyphase® 963 is a new broad-spectrum fungicide and algaecide for enhanced performance, environmental responsibility, and low cost in wood protection for solvent-based wood applications. The additive is an advanced broad-spectrum fungicide and algaecide that can reportedly offer protection, as shown in long-term exposure testing on wood substrates in climates prone to severe fungal and algal growth.

“Polyphase 963 provides solvent-based wood coatings manufacturers with the same excellent broad-spectrum performance as Polyphase 663, but without the drawbacks that an aqueous preservative brings to solvent-based products,” said Izzy Colon, Ph.D., vice president for Science and Technology. “Based on the world-leading preservative technologies IPBC, BCM, and Diuron, Polyphase 963 is not only highly efficacious, but also remarkably cost-effective. Polyphase 963 has a low hazard profile and is a low-VOC product that is free of formaldehyde and APE, making the dry-film preservative ideal for today’s ‘green’ systems.”

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