This company has partnered with DaeHa Mantech, Korea to market dry heat and UV antistatic and conductive materials under the name of Clevios™ F DH. Intended for application on polycarbonate and glass, Clevios PEDOT-based formulations can reportedly provide improved drying times and temperature stability. Products intended for antistatic (10E4?/sq) and highly conductive (to 100 ?/sq) applications are now available.

“With DaeHa, we have found a partner to help us expand our range of ready-to-use conductive polymers range and provide a quick dry option for customers,” said Heinrich Schulte, Ph.D., Heraeus’ Global Sales manager for Display and Semiconductors. 

“We have been steadily supplying products in Korea and to Japan for a long time, and are now ready to leap into the global market through a partnership with Heraeus,” said Dongyeon Yang, business manager for Daeha Mantech.

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