This company has reportedly reformulated two of its core pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) into significantly higher performing products: next-generation Covinax 424-39 and Covinax 265-05. Covinax 424-39 is a coater-ready surfactant-stabilized vinyl acrylic copolymer for general-purpose use in tape and label applications. It reportedly offers a more aggressive bond than its predecessor, with higher tack and peel. Although it produces a strong permanent bond, the product builds no adhesion with age, allowing its use in a variety of applications.

Covinax 265-05 is a next-generation surfactant-stabilized acrylic copolymer emulsion for semi-removable applications. It can offer a much higher shear and improved peel and tack adhesion over the first-generation product, with better stability over time. The coated label applied to substrates will act as an aggressive removable adhesive for up to four hours, with the adhesion building to permanency.

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