A number of new fiber sizings are available, intended to support advanced generations of engineered resin composites increasingly being used in automotive design and manufacturing applications. As lightweight composites replace more and more metal components, requirements for higher thermal resistance, hydrolysis resistance, and mechanical performance are increasing. 

New fiber sizing solutions that can reportedly meet these challenges include Hydrosize® U2-04, a water-based polyurethane dispersion that is compatible with polyamide resins; Hydrosize PA846, a water-based polyamide dispersion that is highly stable and reportedly offers excellent thermal resistance; FGLASS™ X91 EMA dispersion, a new film former that is compliant with the Commission Regulation (EU) n°10/2011 repealing directive 2002/72/EC; and Hydrosize U9-01, a water-based, blocked isocyanate that can enhance the reactivity of the interface between the fiber and the resin.

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