Warren Rupp Inc. recently announced it is celebrating 50 years of business this year. Founded in Mansfield, Ohio, in 1965 by Warren E. Rupp and Charles E. Young, Jr., the company reportedly established itself with the vision of designing, building, and marketing “new and different pumps.” 

Being “Originators in Pumping,” Warren Rupp reportedly developed the industry’s first heavy-duty ball and flap pumps. These pump designs were tested repeatedly with an abrasive silica sand in order to replicate the harsh environments these pumps would operate in. Because of the use of this silica sand and Mr. Rupp’s interest in birds, the SANDPIPER brand was born. Throughout its 50 years in business, Warren Rupp Inc. has expanded the SANDPIPER line to a full range of heavy-duty ball and flap pumps, as well as standard duty and containment duty pumps.

“I continue to be impressed by the passion and commitment our employees have for this company, our products, and ultimately our customers” said Scott Aiello, general manager. “I fully believe that this passion and commitment is a carry-over from a legacy of innovation, quality and customer service created by Warren Rupp. We are excited to celebrate and honor this legacy while building upon it with innovative and rugged solutions that handle our customers’ most demanding applications.”

For more information, visit www.warrenruppinc.com.