This company has introduced two new additions to its line of Michem® wood release mold release agents and processing aids for manufacturers of medium-density fiberboard, oriented strand board, particle board, and laminated strand board. Wood release 1136 is a water-dilutable mold release agent for pMDI-based board that is sprayed over the fiber mat, board caul or press plate. It can reportedly produce a coating with a low coefficient of friction that allows easy release of the wood fiber from the press plate. It also produces a lighter color board with reduced buildup, and can reportedly eliminate process slip issues. The new solution is designed for use on laminated or oriented strand board. 

Wood release 3002 is a new non-silicon, continuous belt conditioner that seals the surface of the press belt. Dilutable with water, the material is sprayed on the belt during fiber mat processing. The product can improve cleanliness, reduce the frequency of required cleanings, and produce a smoother board surface with more consistent quality. 

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