This company has recently released the new InvisiPac® pattern control system, designed for use with its InvisiPac® Tank-Free™ hot melt system or independently with any other hot melt equipment. This technology reportedly improves overall efficiency and cost-effectiveness by providing operators highly accurate material use data.

With the pattern control system, users can view material use data on the pattern controller screen. By tracking the amount of material used per box, operators can visualize cost savings. In addition, a sudden change in material usage can alert operators to a larger issue with the system, saving the waste and rework of improperly sealed boxes and improving uptime.

“The accurate data reporting of the InvisiPac Pattern Control System also provides system performance insight to operators, predicting maintenance needs and reducing overall material usage,” said Corey Johnson, global product manager. “We’ve designed this pattern controller with the backing of our extensive fluid handling expertise, and so it provides users with truly useful, accurate information, not just raw data.”

The InvisiPac Pattern Control System reportedly allows users to convert from a solid adhesive bead to a stitched bead. Stitching can be turned on or off, and operators can stitch individual beads or the entire pattern. The result can be adhesive savings without sacrifice in product quality. Featuring a color LCD interface, the pattern control system provides an on-screen pattern preview that reduces the guesswork in setting up adhesive bead locations.

The Pattern Control System can be ordered as part of an integrated HM25 or HM50 InvisiPac system, or installed externally to work with most hot melt systems.

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