A new full service-in-place (FSIP) version of this company’s NEMO® progressive cavity pump is now available. The new FSIP™ design was reportedly re-engineered to provide full access to all the pumps’ rotating parts.

Users can reportedly open the in-service pump housing, dismantle all rotating parts, and install them again without having to disconnect the pump from the piping or having to remove the motor. The NEMO’s rotor-stator unit can be lifted out after opening the newly designed inspection cover on the pump housing without the need for any special tools. This can significantly reduce installation and maintenance time. With the new FSIP pump, all wearing parts can easily be replaced when opening the pump. Because the rotor-stator unit can be removed either sideways or from above, service time is minimized. In addition, the pump’s installation footprint has been reduced for both conventional stators and the newer iFD-Stator® 2.0.

The NEMO pump with FSIP design is fully compatible with the existing NEMO pump BY series.

 For more information, visit www.pumps.netzsch.com.