Fluid Research Corp., Tustin, Calif., has introduced the PluraShotT, a compact, bench-top system that offers progressive-cavity-pump technology and patented, state-of-the-art controls for accurately metering/mixing two-part materials.

Operators can easily program unique ratios, shot sizes and dispensing rates into the new system with up to 15 separate programs stored in memory for use at any time. The PluraShot design is well suited for dispensing adhesives, encapsulants and many types of coatings. It offers a compact footprint (approx. 20-in wide x 24-in deep, and standing about 37-in tall) and easy operation, making it ideal for many prototype, laboratory or small production-scale operations.

"The PluraShot provides features and technology typically found only on much larger and more expensive systems," commented Stephen Gordon, director of engineering at Fluid Research. "The primary advantage of this equipment is eliminating piston pumps from the design," he explained. "Because of the progressive cavity pump technology, there is no off-ratio mixing from out-of-phase pistons that cause a pressure drop."

The PluraShot offers increased productivity and quality, with reduced material waste.

Increased Productivity, Reduced Material Waste

"With no check valves required in this design, improper valve seating will never cause any dispensed material to be drawn back into the dispense head," Gordon added. The result is increased productivity and quality, with reduced material waste.

"For manufacturers who produce several different products, the ability to set up and recall programs is also a major advantage, effectively reducing setup times to nearly zero," Gordon continued. The programmable ratios and dispense rates are also available in a continuous-run mode.

The programmable microprocessor on the PluraShot is capable of handling ratios from 1:1 through 20:1, with flow rates of 0.10 cc/second to 6.0 cc/second. Shot sizes can be programmed as small as 1.20 cc on up through continuous flow. The new design can process material viscosities up to 50,000 cps.

Standard on the new dispensing unit are 2-gallon, on-board storage tanks for the A and B parts of the material, with optional metal tanks available for hygroscopic materials. The PluraShot also features low-material-level sensing, a programmable auto-purge function and error annunciator. It can be set up for front-panel activation or foot-switch control, and requires a standard 115-volt to 120-volt power source and 80-psi air supply.

For more information on meter/mixing systems, contact Fluid Research Corp., 1382 Bell Ave., Tustin, CA 92780; phone 714-258-2350; fax 714-258-2352; or visit www.fluidresearch.com. Or Circle No. 76