This company recently launched the latest addition to its portfolio of dispensing equipment: The SK-300S tabletop mixer. Manufactured in Japan by Shashin Kagaku Product Co., the SK-300S is a Kakuhunter brand product with CE approval. This mixing and degassing machine is exclusive to Ellsworth Adhesives and reportedly offers a cost-effective mixing solution for two-component materials.

The SK-300S benchtop unit is designed to simultaneously mix and degas materials. It can reportedly process a range of materials from low to high viscosity.

The unit has a designated operational panel with different settings and functions that can be adjusted to suit user requirements. Revolution and rotation speeds can be set individually as part of the mix program, while balance navigation can be increased to suit a heavier material and decreased to suit lighter materials. The SK300S also has a heat spreader to dissipate heat away from mixing motor assembly, and its cup tray is positioned at an angle that provides maximum mixing capability.

The mixer has several safety functions, including an automatic stop button, a top lid lock and a “hold operation” button to allow the top lid to be opened if required.

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