DuPont recently announced its 2020 Sustainability Goals as the next step in its reported more than 25-year commitment to sustainability. The centerpiece of the new DuPont 2020 Sustainability Goals is a company-wide commitment to embed sustainability into its innovation process and R&D pipeline.

“We are continuing on our sustainability journey at DuPont by challenging all new products in our innovation pipeline to contribute to a safer, healthier, more sustainable planet by 2020,” said Linda J. Fisher, vice president, safety, health and environment and chief sustainability officer. “Innovation and sustainability remain two of DuPont’s greatest strengths and represent significant growth opportunities for DuPont, while creating value for our customers, the marketplace and society.”

As part of the DuPont Sustainable Innovation Goal, DuPont will report annually on the quantifiable benefits in safety, health and sustainability stemming from the company’s major innovations. Such benefits may include reduced or prevented carbon emissions, quantifiable ecosystem benefits, measurable improvements in water quality or conservation, or improvements in workers’ safety conditions.

“We are increasingly seeing customers who want to partner with DuPont to create more value for their consumers through sustainability,” said Douglas Muzyka, senior vice president and chief science and technology officer. “As we develop value propositions for our new products from inception to delivery, sustainability can create unique competitive advantages for DuPont and our customers while driving shareholder and societal benefits.”

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