A new SEMCO® mixer from this company reportedly offers high-volume automated, precision mixing of multi-component adhesives, sealants and other chemicals in SEMKIT® packages. It can reduce operator fatigue, enhancing quality, and improving productivity.

Designed for both barrier-style and injection-style Semkit cartridges, the mixer can ensure homogeneous chemical distribution with one-touch adjustment for the five most common Semkit package configurations used in the aerospace industry. In addition, the mixer is reportedly the first in the Semco packaging and application systems line that can automatically inject and evenly distribute the correct amount of catalyst into a prefilled injection-style Semkit package, ensuring that the material meets application and performance requirements.

“With record commercial aircraft backlogs, manufacturers are looking for the right tools to ramp up production and increase deliveries,” said Dillon Desai, aerospace global market development manager. “The Semco 1088 mixer was developed to address the aerospace industry’s unprecedented demand for quicker chemical mixing while affording more consistency.”

For more information, visit www.semcopackaging.com