This company has recently released a new syringe filling system. The EZ-FillaTM model 2SB dual syringe filler system is a semi-automatic, low volume production, precision syringe filling system. Designed with individual sensors, the syringe filler reportedly ensures that the fluid levels in both barrels are equivalent, a validation step not possible by visual inspection of dual syringes that are not transparent. Pneumatically driven for lower viscosity fluids, the system can cater to more viscous fluids with an optional linear peristaltic action.

The system reportedly meets the standard criteria of void free fills, simple clean up and quick changeover, and suck-back valves to prevent cross contamination. In addition, basic configuration changes can allow easy and rapid conversion for alternatively filling two single syringes or machine ready syringe barrels simultaneously. This additional functionality can benefit customers by possibly ruling out the need to invest extra in separate syringe filling systems.

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