This company recently announced its aerospace business has completed qualification of all three grades of its non-chromate corrosion-inhibiting sealant, which can provide commercial, general aviation, and military aircraft manufacturers, as well as maintenance, repair and overhaul shops, with faster cure to reduce application cycle time.

Since initial launch of PRC® PR-2870 aerospace sealant in Class B for most-common extrusion applications, PPG has qualified additional viscosities for application by brush (Class A) and roller (Class C). A replacement option for PRO-SEAL™ 870 sealant, PR-2870 sealant uses PPG-patented technologies to inhibit corrosion on metal in aerodynamic smoothing, structural surface sealing, fay sealing and pressure fuselage sealing aircraft applications.

According to Bill Keller, global segment manager for aerospace sealants, PPG is the first manufacturer to offer a fully qualified chromate-free corrosion-inhibiting aerospace sealant in all three classes.

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