This company has developed a solution for daily wear and tear of floors in industrial and commercial buildings or in public spaces. Pasquick® technology reportedly makes coating floors easier and less time-consuming than conventional processes, while delivering results that are just as long-lasting and high in quality. This is due primarily to the fact that the number of coats required can be reduced and curing time significantly shortened. 

“Building owners and operators benefit just as much from the technology as architects, civil engineers and, of course, floor coating specialists,” said Contardo Pafumi, head of marketing for building applications. “Eliminating one of the coating steps saves contractors time and labor costs. Thanks to the rapid curing, they can apply several coats of such floor coatings in a single day using standard equipment.” 

Application takes place at room temperature, and the surface can be walked on after just a few hours. These advantages can minimize downtime on construction sites. The floor coatings reportedly are long-lasting and robust, but also flexible. They exhibit high chemical and temperature resistance, are solvent-free and fulfill the Deco Paint and VOC directives. They are also lightfast, weather-resistant, and have crack-bridging capabilities. 

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