This company recently announced it will introduce its new generation of conformal coating, fluid dispensing, jetting, software, and hot bar soldering systems, capabilities, and applications at IPC APEX 2016, which takes place March 13-17 in Las Vegas. The systems reportedly deliver precision, flexibility, reliability, high throughput, and intuitive programming and operation with a low cost-of-ownership.

Making its first appearance in the U.S. is the Spectrum™ II premier with the IntelliJet® jetting system. It reportedly dispenses small dot sizes at high frequencies without compromising the precision, high yield, and long-term reliability needed for flip chip underfill and advanced semiconductor packaging applications. The system can further advance piezo-jetting technology with long-term reliability three to four times longer than any other piezo-driven jet. Its precision dispensing, in conjunction with automatic calibration features, reportedly produce a consistent jetting process across large-scale production lines.

The Quantum® dispensing system handles BGA, CSP, underfill, PCBA, dam and fill, encapsulation, potting, dotting, precise coating, and other applications, including those that need dual lanes or action, heaters, height sensors, and a large platform.

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