A new line of differential scanning calorimeters, the Discovery DSC2500, DSC250, and DSC25, is available from this company. These instruments feature enhanced sensing technologies reportedly resulting in high performance in baseline flatness, sensitivity, resolution, and reproducibility, reaffirming TA’s position as the technology and global leader in thermal analysis.

The instruments have TA Fusion Cell™, which reportedly incorporates design concepts that “fuse” together features of the Q-Series, first generation Discovery DSC, and the patented Tzero® technology, as well as new proprietary manufacturing processes. In addition, an app-style user interface is standard with each new model and, combined with new TRIOS software, automated calibration and verification routines can work seamlessly to improve laboratory work-flows and productivity.

The Discovery DSC measures the change in energy in a sample as the temperature is raised or lowered. It is used for a range of applications, including material science, pharmaceuticals, chemistry and studies of biomaterials. It can be used in both research environments and production control processes.

“DSC is the anchor of a thermal analysis laboratory, and is TA’s best-selling product,” said Terry Kelly, president. “In terms of performance and ease-of-use the new Discovery Series DSC has jumped so far ahead of competitive units, scientists will easily see the benefits of upgrading to our powerful new systems.”

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