Masil® Ultra SL1000 is a water-based, zero-VOC additive designed to improve slip and mar resistance in waterborne coatings for food packaging. The additive is reportedly the first to be introduced as part of the new Ultra extension of the line of Masil silicone additives.

“With the new Masil Ultra platform, we are creating a springboard for unique chemistries we are developing to provide an ideal blend of characteristics for very particular industry needs,” said James Davis, vice president. “In food packaging applications, manufacturers must meet strict requirements for indirect food contact and, with rising concerns about the potential migration of materials from packaging to food, careful materials selection has become even more critical. Many of the current slip-mar additives available do not have the extensive FDA clearances that SL1000 does. Plus it has been optimized for easy handling and incorporation, as well as superior slip and mar resistance.”

The additive reportedly is approved under a variety of U.S. FDA 21 CFR citations for indirect food contact, including many that are not typically applicable to other available slip-mar additives. As a result, manufacturers can incorporate the additive into inks and varnishes requiring these approvals. The additive is also APEO-free and optimized to maintain gloss and prevent haziness.

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