Covestro recently announced it wants to halve its energy use per ton of manufactured products by 2030 relative to a baseline of 2005. Richard Northcote, chief sustainability officer, announced the undertaking at the Energy Efficiency Global Forum in Washington, D.C., where Covestro joined the new “Energy Productivity 100” (EP100) campaign. Companies taking part in the EP100 reportedly are committed to demonstrating their roles as leaders in energy efficiency, to boost their energy productivity―or, in other words, to increase economic output from the energy they use―and thus pave the way forward to a future of clean energy supplies. Covestro is reportedly one of the first companies to join the EP100 initiative.

“The chemical and plastics industry contributes to resource conservation and energy efficiency with its products and solutions, but it also requires a lot of energy,” said Northcote. “And that is why we can–and want to–do our part toward fulfilling the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. To reduce your own energy use by half, or to double your energy productivity, may seem impossible to some companies today. But initiatives like EP100 motivate us, and hopefully many others, to apply intelligent solutions and indeed make possible what is now considered impossible.”

Covestro reportedly is working on processes and solutions for reducing its energy use and CO2 emissions. Covestro recently announced its intention to halve its specific CO2 emissions by 2025 relative to a baseline of 2005. The company has nearly reached the previous target, a reduction of 40% relative to 2005, in 2015 already. In terms of increasing energy efficiency, the company had set the target of 30% by 2020 and achieved it in 2015.

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