This company has announced it plans to launch Brilliance™, an adhesive designed to hold elastic strands in place in diapers and adult incontinence articles. In the past, adhesives based on polyolefin chemistry were limited to low-stress applications due to performance and processing restrictions. This product reportedly offers strong performance and removes trade-offs while expanding benefits in certain applications over traditional technology.

“Brilliance marks a huge technical accomplishment and represents a prime example of how we leverage our material science capabilities, not only in continual improvements with existing materials, but in developing new materials that meet customer and consumer needs,” said Jeffrey Merkt, senior vice president of global nonwovens. “While olefins are not new and have been the object of rapidly developing technology, that focus has not necessarily been on adhesives. At Bostik we didn’t wait for new materials to be developed. Instead, we cast a wide net with our R&D teams to find and develop new materials. This proactive approach has yielded some remarkable results, such as Brilliance, and has contributed to our global reputation as an innovator.”

Final testing and trials are taking place now for Brilliance to be ready for shipment in October.

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