Encor® 636 is a new, 100% acrylic latex for use in a range of low-VOC and APEO-free architectural coatings applications. The new resin is reportedly designed to help formulators simplify their raw material inventory when needed.

“Encor 636 acrylic latex is for the formulator seeking a multi-purpose raw material solution that meets industry standards and provides strong performance across varied interior and exterior coating applications,” said John Hiel, North American marketing manager. “Working with customers, we identified the properties needed and developed this product around them. The result is a multipurpose product that, in many situations, simplifies their raw material supply chain and streamlines their formulation process.”

The acrylic latex offers a balance of properties for a range of paint applications, including alkali and efflorescence resistance, good scrub resistance and gloss development. It is low-VOC capable and APEO-free.

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