Nordson Corp. recently announced that its BKG® product brand is now also the group brand name for the company’s polymer melt delivery equipment.

“The expansion in Münster is part of a substantial global investment by Nordson in its polymer processing range of products, including other expansion projects and investments in Europe and China, buildup of the support team around the world, and innovations for each of our polymer product families,” said John J. Keane, senior vice president. “Our goal is a seamless worldwide operation that is at the same time highly localized, providing ground-breaking products and rapid service to customers whenever possible in their own time zones and languages.”

“We will be adding advanced engineering and manufacturing systems, a new warehouse and inventory system, a dedicated aftermarket section, and an expanded technology center [to the Münster facility],” said Godfrey M. Sandham, vice president polymer products business in EMEA. “This project will increase our support for customers throughout the world by expanding our capabilities for manufacturing, processing trials, startup assistance, technical service, spare parts, and refurbishment of all Nordson melt processing equipment.”

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