This company has launched four new bio-based products for the coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers market: EMEROX® 14060 (aliphatic 2,900 MW EG azelate triol); EMEROX 14511 (aliphatic 1,000 MW EG azelate diol); EMEROX 14550 (aliphatic 2,000 MW EG azelate diol); and EMEROX 14555 (aliphatic 2,000 MW EG azelate diol with enhanced hydrophobicity). These products, which are all compliant with REACH standards, reportedly are designed to provide performance in a range of applications, often with improved tensile and tear strength, higher elongation, along with oxidative, UV, and moisture and solvent resistance. EMEROX polyols can also be optimized for coatings, adhesives, and elastomer applications by engineering functionality, hydroxyl reactivity (primary and/or secondary), and polymer hydrophobicity.

“We are committed to ongoing investment in product and application development to meet market demands,” said Mark Kinkelaar, global business director, eco-friendly polyols. “And, our close collaboration with our customers allows us to develop the right product with optimized performance for very specific flexible foam, rigid foam or CASE applications. Utilizing our strong team of in-house technical experts and our state-of-the-art production capabilities, not only can we improve environmental properties, we can also reduce time-to-market through effective scale-up from our lab to our new commercial production facility opened last fall.”

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