This company now offers the BlueWave MX-150™ LED spot-curing system from Dymax. With unique curing flexibility, this system reportedly offers a higher consistency than traditional spot-curing systems.

The MX-150 is suitable for curing thermally sensitive materials and can be used as a bench-top unit or integrated into an automated system. This system has been designed to create flexibility when curing, to aid efficiency. Consisting of two key components―a controller with a user friendly touchscreen interface and a high-intensity UV LED emitter―the system can be operated by foot pedal, touchscreen, or PLC interface. The MX-150 differs from traditional spot-cure systems, as curing energy is created using an LED chip within the LED emitter, rather than in the controller. Locating the LED chip at the point-of-cure reportedly provides more consistent curing and mitigates potential problems such as intensity loss in comparison to competitors.

A new aspect of The MX-150 system is its ability to tailor curing to suit different requirements. Users can choose between three different wavelength emitters (365, 385 or 405nm), and the system is compatible with a variety of UV and visible light-curable materials.

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