This company offers a new brochure showcasing its recently introduced decorative wood grain finishes for architectural aluminum products. The brochure presents 14 finishes in the company’s standard Gold Series palette, as well as product descriptions and possible applications.

The finishes can be used on interior surfaces, such as for window frames, door panels, column covers, shutters, furnishings and hardware. The coatings’ durable performance reportedly also makes them suitable for exterior applications, such as garage doors, fencing, and soffits.

These finishes meet the stringent standards of AAMA 2604-13 for color uniformity, specular gloss, dry film hardness, and adhesion, as well as resistance to impact, chemicals, detergents, scratches, corrosion, salt spray, and fading due to ultraviolet light. The coatings also are fire retardant and resistant to water and humidity. Unlike natural wood, the finished aluminum does not swell, rot, warp, or attract insects.

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