Verdezyne Inc. recently announced an agreement for sales and distribution in the U.S. by Aceto.

“The market is interested in high-quality renewable chemicals such as our BIOLON, which can be used in the production of high-performance nylon 6,12, molding resins, lubricants, adhesives and powder coatings,” said E. William Radany, Ph.D., president and CEO of Verdezyne. “We are excited to bring BIOLON to the U.S. market with Aceto, a highly respected distributor of specialty chemicals. We are certain that through this partnership we will be able to continue to provide excellent customer service and high-quality products to the market.”

“Aceto is very excited to add BIOLON to our product offering of polymer building blocks,” said Keith Wilkinson, vice president, specialty chemicals, Aceto. “We are also excited to add a bio-based product to our portfolio that can be offered at competitive prices.”

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